Hello, BlackBerry Devs!

"BBVendor Console Plus (Beta)" is a simple web app that creates colorful #charts and useful complete #stats using the #reports from your Vendor Portal. Read the details below to understand how to use the app ( it's very very simple ! ) .
Here a preview of the result.

First Step

In the first step you have to generate and download a "Scheduled Report" from the vendor portal. IMPORTANT : "Data Type" MUST BE Downloads and "Sort results by" MUST BE "Date Only"

Second Step

Then you have to open the downloaded report using a simple text editor and copy all the data (Ctrl A + Ctrl C )

Third Step

Now you are ready to use the app! Past the data in the textarea and push the button to create new beautiful stats and charts.

This is a client side web app, we do not store or save your data :)

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